Second Shot

Okay! This is my second crack at starting up my own blog; the first didn’t have any real direction (and only one post). But now that I have come to terms with the fact that I am a fatty at heart, I will be blogging about all things food and only food. And beverages. Which will be consumed with the aforementioned food. I love eating out, so I’ll be reviewing some of my all-time fave restaurants as well as venturing out to new and exciting territories. I’ll also share amazing recipes, my attempt to re-create them as well as putting my own twists on old classics. I might even sign-up to a cooking class or two!

A bit about me: I am lactose intolerant and have known for the past 3 years. Coming from an Italian background makes it all the more difficult as it means soy everything, cheese-less pizzas and no gelato. Sad face. I am quite good at sticking to the dairy-free diet, although my weakness is Parmigiano Reggiano.. I could eat blocks of that crumbly gold all day. My partner is vegan, so between the two of us it’s always a challenge finding places to eat that can offer something a little different, a tad more special than Penne Napolitana. And EVERYBODY knows that I love pasta (not Raymond), but I’m after more than just the standard dish.

Food always will be a insanely massive part of my life. If my food is bad, my day is generally rubbish; so my choices are vital. I also studied food during high school and sometimes regret that I gave it up so quickly. But there’s plenty of time to make up it. So here begins the journey..


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