A Mish Ate Review : Black Star Pastry

If you have a constant craving for glorious cakes, crisp pastries and appreciate a good, strong coffee, I have 3 words for you; Black Star Pastry. On my second visit to one of highest rated patisseries in Sydney (check Google for yourself if you don’t believe me), Black Star Pastry does not fail to impress.

It’s just after 11am and after what only feels like starving ourselves by skipping breakfast, my partner Ben and I opt for coffee and cakes. We order a Maria’s Bloody Vegan Beetroot Cake and an Orange Cake with Persian Fig. Both cakes are beautifully decorated with flowers and the cutest cake wrappers I’ve ever seen. They’re almost too pretty to eat. Almost! Ben’s vegan cake is chocolate based, which is delectably fluffy and not too sweet. Best of all, we find hidden marmalade once the cake has been dissected, and the beetroot frosting is surprisingly subtle, but the flavours are amazing! My orange and fig cake is moist and not too dense. It’s deceivingly small, but it definitely is filling… Not to mention moreish. You can blame that on the fresh cream-cheese icing. And did I mention it was gluten-free? Yum!

Black Star Pastry Cakes

Maria's Bloody Vegan Beetroot Cake

We also order a soy flat white and soy cappuccino to takeaway. Black Star Pastry use Little Marionette coffee beans which I am becoming very fond of. Our coffees are perfect; smooth and rich with a hint of chocolate. One large cup just wasn’t enough. I knew I would have to go back for round two.

The fit out of the patisserie is super funky, the decor creates a familiar vibe and best of all, all of the offerings are on display. Luckily they’re behind glass so there’s no chance of me drooling all over them. There are a few tables and chairs inside, as well as a few just outside the shop. It can get quite busy here, so don’t be surprised if there’s a line out the door. But don’t be alarmed, although the food is definitely worth the waiting for, the line moves quite quickly.

Passionfruit and Coconut Macaroons

For those whose tooth isn’t as sweet as mine, there’s a great selection of sandwiches using rustic breads as well as piping-hot sausage rolls and pies. The lamb shank and red wine pie topped with crumbly pastry is a must try!

All-in-all, Black Star Pastry has a great vibe, friendly employees and is very reasonably priced. When you’re next in Newtown, do drop in, and remember to bring cash as they do not accept cards.

You can find Black Star Pastry at 277 Australia Street, Newtown and they’re open seven days, from 7am – 5pm. Also, during December they have a pop-up store open until 23rd December 2011 at the GAFFA Gallery (281 Clarence Street, Sydney) so you can even go for a sneaky treat on your lunch break! For more information, check them out on www.blackstarpastry.com.au where you can even place your order online. Could gorging on delicious cakes be any more convenient?

Black Star Pastry Shop Front


One thought on “A Mish Ate Review : Black Star Pastry

  1. Red Ranger says:

    I’ll be sure to add this to my list of patisseries to visit. A moist treat I hard to find, often I’ve found that cakes can leave something do be desired.

    Thanks for sharing this legendairy-free adventure.

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