5 comments on “A Mish Ate Review : Circa Espresso

    • I know exactly what you mean, I never used to bother with much breakfast either! And if anything, I’m usually a pancake girl but those baked eggs have definitely won me over.

  1. This is my all time favouirte cafe! I’m beyond estastic that it’s so close to my ‘hood. The food is amazing, so cheap yet bloody tasty and the guys who own the place are beyond nice. You know they are opening a 2nd cafe in Parramatta soon?

    • Well I did go on your (many) recommendations so I have you to thank for my post! I soooo badly want to try everything on their menu but there’s just not enough days in the weekend. Whaaaat?! I had no idea they were opening a 2nd cafe, that’s awesome newsπŸ™‚

  2. i am seriously in love with Circa, we go nearly every sunday morning for breakfast. i am so obsessed that as soon as i see a blog post about it i have to read……
    the baked eggs are my hubbys favourite and the soy chai. i choose something different nearly everytime!! its ALL good

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