A Mish Ate Review : Dos Senoritas

Dos Senoritas, Gladesville

Dos Senoritas has been serving a colourful array of Guadalajara Street Style favourites such as Quesadillas, Gringo Rolls, Tacos and Fajitas to Sydney’s Inner West since October 2010. Domingo Andre, owner and chef of Dos Senoritas, has created an authentic Mexican experience right down to the detail of restaurants’ decor. The atmosphere is vibrant and homely and by sounds of the buzzing clientele, dining at Dos Senoritas is all about the wonderful aromas, honest flavours and of course the native Guadalajaran chilli!

Outside Dos Senoritas

Once seated, we are presented with a bowl of complimentary tortilla chips and bowl of (very) spicy, tomato-based salsa. As huge a fan as I am of the ‘chip and dip’, I don’t want to ruin my appetite so I limit myself to a handful while I settle in and prepare myself for what was about to unfold…

Complimentary tortilla chips and bowl of spicy salsa

I order the Street Style Tacos described as being “from the streets of Mexico”. I am presented with 3 crispy corn tortillas packed with juicy marinated steak, topped with cilantro, onions and avocado salsa served with wedges of lime. Not to mention a generous serving of refried beans and mexican rice; my plate has been overloaded! I attack the tacos first, the flavours of the steak are incredible and the freshness of the lime really livens up the dish. It is ridiculously messy to eat, but even with beefy juices rolling down my arms, I can’t break the momentum. Well that and the fact that I can’t put down my half mauled taco as picking it back up again would be an all too dangerous task. By the time I get to the mini mountain of mexican rice my pace slows but that’s okay, I was happy to sacrifice the beans. Now i can’t breathe… easily. Dessert is off the cards for today.

Street Style Beef Tacos with Rice and Beans

Rebecca and Petra join forces to destroy the Chipotle Chopped salad. “Salad?” I hear you saying. Personally I don’t even like salad as a side dish, but Dos Senoritas’ salad is on a level of its own. Served in a tortilla bowl (innovation +), the salad consists of grilled chicken breast, iceberg lettuce, jack and cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, black beans and avocado tossed with Dos’ chipotle ranch dressing. I manage to pinch a piece of tender and perfectly charred chicken but apart from that, the girls inhale the salad in record speed. Their silence and chipotle covered grins means the food has been given the thumbs up.

Chipotle Chopped salad with grilled chicken breast

Ben opted for the Gringo Burro sans meat and dairy. The full pound of burrito was stuffed with chilli Verde, black beans, sautéed peppers, onions and rice topped with green Chile sauce. It of course also came with a side of refried beans and mexican rice. All of the ingredients are firmly encased in a soft flour tortilla and one bite sees the seasoned capsicums and onions bursting out at the seams. This extremely filling, Vegan burrito definitely doesn’t disappoint in delicious department.

Gringo Burro; One full pound of burrito goodness

Dos Senoritas is ideal for group dinners and it’s a good idea to make your bookings in advance to secure some territory. Also, you can BYO wine only and corkage is a small $1.50 per person, bargain! However, if you’re feeling brave, Tequila Slammers are available for $9. Starters range from $10 – $15 and mains from $16 – $29. There is a choice of Churros or Flan for dessert; $6 each or you can try both for $10.

Dos Senoritas Interior

You will find local favourite, Dos Senoritas, at 265D Victoria Road Gladesville and they’re open from Tuesday through to Sunday from and Monday by booking only. For more information, check out their website http://dossenoritas.com.au so you can scope out their incredible taste tantalising menu in advance. Conveniently, there is a small parking lot behind the building just off Pittwater Road.


8 thoughts on “A Mish Ate Review : Dos Senoritas

    • Mish @ doesnotcontaindairy.wordpress.com says:

      Hahaha Soph, you’re missing out 🙂 Definitely a must try when you’re super hungry… Also, have you been to Bar Pizza? It’s awesome and just down the road from Dos Senoritas.

  1. thefoodsage says:

    Seriously super-sized portions. Advance planning would surely be needed before tackling Dos Senoritas … such as not eating all day. Sounds great.

    • Mish @ doesnotcontaindairy.wordpress.com says:

      Agreed! You really need to be physically and mentally prepared for a trip to Dos Senoritas. I love it though, if you go for lunch you don’t need to worry about dinner that night 🙂

  2. Miss Piggy says:

    I am SO adding to this to my wishlist. You know I’ve been driving past here for 2 years…since we moved out west and have always wondering what it was like…seems like the real dea! Cannot wait to indulge.

    • Mish @ doesnotcontaindairy.wordpress.com says:

      I’m sure you will love it! Great food, good prices and a lot of fun (stretchy pants recommended).

    • Mish @ doesnotcontaindairy.wordpress.com says:

      Excellent, I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do! I’m going there tomorrow night and drooling in anticipation.

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